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Stopper Chris Nineham: Back the Terrorists

Calling the “Stop the War Coalition” an “anti-war” movement is offensive, stupid, and stone dead wrong.

It is more important than ever to note this, since Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour rolled out the “anti-war” line just yesterday, making it too a party of lies.

Let’s look at prominent stopper Chris Nineham, the face of the movement in the media in recent days. He alone makes the case abundantly clear.

This video is from a “No to NATO” gathering of far left extremists and street thugs in Strasbourg in 2009.

Here are a few of the lowlights. Pacifists are welcome in the movement, but “resistance” supporters will find the door wide open too:

We want to create the biggest, broadest anti-war movement that brings together pacifists, that brings together the Muslim communities, that brings together people also who support the resistance movements in the Middle East.

Indeed, the “resistance” is crucial:

I think it is absolutely undeniable that a large part of this crisis for the Project for the New American Century has been created by the resistance movements in the Middle East and beyond.

Hail Hezbollah and Hamas!

The resistance of the Lebanese people, led by Hezbollah, and the heroic resistance of the Palestinians in Gaza has, um, massively constrained and demoralised the Israeli project.

The “anti-war” movement and the “resistance” are a team and people who do not accept this are very wrong:

Part of what we need to be doing is to forge links between the resistance movements and the anti-war movement. And that is why I think it is a very, very bad decision that has been made by sections of the organising committee of these protests in Strasbourg to have vetoed our invitation to one of the leading people of the resistance in the Lebanon.

We need Muslims, so we must to be open to jihad:

One of the great strengths of the movement in Britain is that we have had the situation where hundreds of thousands of Muslims have been marching alongside people from the left, people from the anti-war movement, and trade unionists. And unless the movement is at least open to a discussion and a debate with the resistance movements that alliance is simply impossible.

Back to the path to victory:

I think we can roll back the Project for the New American Century.

But that victory can only be achieved, I believe, by forging an alliance between the massive anti-war movement, connected to the anti-globalisation movement that exists around the world, and the resistance movements in the Middle East, combined with the Middle Eastern communities that exist in all of our countries. That alliance, I believe, can win.

Stopper hatred of this country eagerly plumbs the depths closest to home. Any conditions on support are unacceptable, even when the jihadis are attacking British troops:

We should also put no conditions on our attitudes to the resistance movements in the Middle East and people who are fighting the wars conducted by our government.

If you want to see yet more evidence on the jihadi alliance, simply look up Nineham’s fellow stopper and Corbyn pal John Rees for starters.

Even violence in our cities deserves support. Here are Nineham, Galloway and Corbyn telling off the Home Office for the prosecutions of thugs who trashed London streets and attacked police officers during the Gaza war demonstrations of 2009. This too is one of Mr Corbyn’s favourite causes.

As for Middle Eastern people who don’t join the team, shove them and tear down their banners. See Chris Nineham do just this in London to Iranians for freedom, backed from the platform by none other than Jeremy Corbyn.

From now on, it would be nice if the media refused to accept the “anti-war” lie when it covers the stoppers. What they really back is jihad.

And so Labour’s pit gets deeper by the day.