Utter Scumbags

Jeremy Corbyn, John Rees and “Peace Process” Lies

Jeremy Corbyn’s one man Foreign Office act is ridiculous enough.

Worse are the lies rolled out in its defence. This one is typical:

I chaired a meeting discussing the future of the Middle East and the Middle East peace process. I have indeed met people with whom I profoundly disagree on many things in order to try and bring about a peace process.

Corbyn was referring to the now infamous “Meet the Resistance” conference, where he hailed the peace campaigners and social justice warriors of Hamas and Hezbollah as “our friends”.

Corbyn certainly didn’t seem to chalk up much peace mission progress at that conference. See this video, for example. It shows far left activist John Rees at the very same event. Watch Rees explicitly calling not for peace, but for support for terrorists, while keeping in mind the fact that Corbyn knows Rees well from the foul circles they both frequent.

The “resistance in the Middle East” are just like French and Italian partisans fighting the Nazis, you see. Western activists should team up with “the resistance” to place “imperialists” between “a rock and a hard place”. Ideally they will one day relive another historic glory – the victory of the communist dictatorship of North Vietnam in its war with evil America.

This is the reality of Mr Corbyn’s sordid world. It is as far as one can get from any actual “peace process” short of picking up a Kalashnikov and joining a terrorist murder squad.

Mind you, if you do join a squad, Mr Corbyn has your back.