Jeremy Corbyn lobbied for a convicted terrorist as Governor for LMU

This is a guest post by Adloyada

An extraordinary new angle on Honest Jeremy Corbyn, the People’s Money Printer.

As recently as the year before last, Honest Jeremy was actively lobbying to help get the convicted terrorist bomber Jawad Botmeh elected as a Governor of London Metropolitan University.

Botmeh was one of the two terrorists who were convicted for attempting to blow up Balfour House, just a couple of miles north of where I live, an anti-Israel terror hit against the headquarters of a group of Israel charities and NGOs.

He was sentenced to twenty years.

Here is a list of the main evidence against Botmeh:

  • Botmeh and Alami admitted possesing about 5 lbs of an explosive, TATP, which had been made up into two bombs.
  • Alami admitted possessing 3 hand guns.
  • Alami was a chemical engineer who admitted possessing other explosive devices and relevant literature.
  • Botmeh was alleged to have procured the two cars in which the bombs were delivered.
  • On 25th April,Botmeh had bought a distinctive BMW car at Wimbledon car auction, using the false name “Jaffa” and a false address.
  • On 9th May three timers [of 6 in total] were bought and in due course three of the six timers were recovered from the lock-up in May 1995.
  • On 26th May 1994, an order was placed with chemical wholesalers in Birmingham for a substantial quantity of acetone, hydrogen peroxide, nitric acid and sodium chlorate. The first 3 were capable of producing TATP according to a formula published in a book which Alami had. Sodium chlorate could be mixed with sugar or charcoal to produce high explosive. The chemicals were collected on 2nd June, by a person signing the name George Davis, giving a Wolverhampton address, in a Ford Transit van which had been hired the previous day.
  • When the lock-up was searched in May 1995 there was found, in addition to the 2 TATP bombs, a quantity of sodium chlorate and a small quantity of nitric acid in a carton bearing the label of the Birmingham wholesalers.
  • On 13th June “George Davis”, giving the same Wolverhampton address, bought a Triumph Acclaim motor car at a Birmingham car auction. The description of the buyer could have fitted Botmeh. Later, with false plates, the Triumph delivered the Balfour House bomb.
  • On 15th June “George Davis” giving the same Wolverhampton, address bought an Audi at a car auction in Milton Keynes at which Botmeh was present in the BMW. Equipped with false plates, the Audi was used to deliver the Israeli Embassy bomb.
  • On 15th July an Audi car owned by the Alami family was seen in Kensington Palace Gardens. On 17th July Alami rented the lock-up under a false name and on 23rd July Botmeh visited the lock-up.
  • Prior to the bombings, both had been involved, over a period of time, in projects involving radio controlled model aircraft and in experiments with improvised explosives. Botmeh kept a detailed log of his model aircraft activities and Alami’s log included extensive notes on explosives generally.
  • After Alami’s arrest in January 1995, police found, at a flat in Montrose Court to which she had access, a gun and ammunition together with some chemicals and notes made by her on explosives.
  • Alami repeatedly lied about her whereabouts on the relevant dates in interview.
  • Both denied any involvement in the bombings but admitted having carried out experiments with TATP and the model aircraft; to develop and test techniques which could be used in the Occupied Territories.
  • While at Imperial College, Alami said she had started to collect information regarding improvised explosives and had unsuccessfully experimented with fertiliser and weedkiller in remote places accompanied by Botmeh. Her last field trial of home made explosives had been in March 1994.
  • Alami said that the explosives found in the lock-up had been given to her on 13th July 1994 by “Reeda” a Palestinian she had first met in 1992.  The first time he was mentioned by either of them was during the trial and no details were provided which could have established an identity.

LMU is notorious for its record of having student Islamist FOSIS officers who are found to have terrorist connections or themselves get convicted as terrorists….

The other thing about this recent campaigning is that it would disprove any PR line that Corbyn has become more politically mature and responsible since he was a young MP.

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