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British Muslims and Labour

h/t Imran Khan

Just a very short post to share some information sent in by one of our regular readers who is a great source of what the latest mood and mischief is in Tower Hamlets. Keir Starmer’s Labour is facing angry confrontations on many doorsteps over its stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict. The video below is not exactly surprising.




Further pressure on Starmer  is being created by the Labour Muslim Network which commissioned this survey on British Muslims’ attitudes towards Labour, Starmer’s leadership and the ONE middle east that consumes British muslims. The results indicate that Labour and Starmer are losing ground within the community rapidly but muslims seem to have no other political party to turn to.

 The Labour Muslim Network intones ponderously :

“For decades the Muslim community has been amongst the most loyal Labour supporters anywhere in the United Kingdom. The findings of this new opinion poll shows a startling collapse of this electoral and communal relationship.

This is a crisis point for the future of the relationship between the British Muslim community and the Labour Party.

These findings come in the context of over 100 days of Israel’s continuous assault on Gaza. Over 25,000 Palestinians have been killed, more than 10,000 of whom are children, and the Labour Party’s response has been unacceptable and deeply offensive to Muslims across Britain. Muslim voters have been watching and are now sending a clear message – they will not support any political party that does not fervently oppose the crimes committed against the people of Gaza.

The Labour leadership must change paths now or risk losing the support of the Muslim community for a generation.”


The Labour Muslim Network got the support of media like C4 news immediately which put out news clips like the one below. Labour’s firebrand muslim MPs appear in this clip but the leadership itself refused to comment. The upcoming Rochdale by-election promises more humiliating confrontations for Labour.  It is a given that pandering to sectarian concerns comes at a cost.






Note : The featured image shows just two of the memes I caught on social media today. They have a nasty edge don’t they?