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Labour – Is the nightmare finally coming to an end?

The Labour leadership election is under way and we are already seeing splits in the party between the Hard Left/Momentum faction and the centre Left which seems to be finally waking up to the fact it has a chance to take back the party.

Momentum’s attempt to impose its ticket of Rebecca Long-Bailey and Angela Rayner has descended into farce with the news it is having a yes/no ballot of its membership on the Momentum leadership’s choice. Yes the membership have the choice of LB/Rayner or – well its not clear what they will do if the proles of the membership say no – perhaps they will elect another one. Such Momentum heroes as Owen Jones and Paul Mason  are up in arms but so far Lansman and co are sticking with their North Korean style democratic path.

Meanwhile the “anti-Zionist” crank side of the party is not happy that all of the leadership candidates have signed up to the Board of Deputies 10 point plan to help Labour overcome its anti-Semitism issues. This is very upsetting to a lot of people, have a look on Twitter at some of the responders to Angela Rayners’ tweet supporting the BOD’s plan, sadly some of them reckon they are going to have to leave the party – probably before they get kicked out for their tweets on these threads I would imagine.

Maybe finally the nightmare may be coming to an end for Labour (and many former supporters like me) and the swamp could be drained of the cranks and the Far Left that have led Labour to the verge of destruction. Lets hope so, the country needs a proper opposition. And lets make sure next time that there is no more question of a “broad church” that includes these people, they need to be permanently excluded from the party in future.

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