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Song Contest!

There will be a proper post coming along later today. But I am rather amused that the good folks at Persuasion have only now discovered Suno, an AI song app. Music is ruined forever! How terrible!

Imagine if after Oppenheimer successfully detonated the first atomic bomb, the rest of the world had just shrugged its shoulders and carried on as normal.

Because that’s what seems to have just happened in the entire field of human culture known as “music.”

A few weeks ago, a company called Suno released a new version of its AI-generated music app to the public. It works much like ChatGPT: You type in a prompt describing the song you’d like… and it creates it.

The results are, in my view, absolutely astounding. So much so that I think it will be viewed by history as the end of one musical era and the start of the next one. Just as The Bomb reshaped all of warfare, we’ve reached the point where AI is going to reshape all of music.

Despite the hyperbole of the writer at Persuasion, Suno has been around for some time and is a fun app to use. The ditzy mums at Mumsnet were making gender critical anthems months ago. Ezra and I were making kpop and bollywood style songs about, well the greatness and cuteness of Ezra, a few weeks ago.

So instead of moaning about the terrible state of the world, why not you lot go write a song or two? We need a HP theme song, something to celebrate the release of the 4 Israeli hostages and so on. Any genre. If you still want to moan about the world, compose a dirge to welcome Labour back.

Well a contest must have winners and prizes. The winner gets the honour of having his/her song atl.  You cannot beat us for generosity.