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Jeremy Corbyn versus ”Free Iran”

Here is another telling scene from Jeremy Corbyn’s tawdry career.

It’s January 2012. A stopper crowd gathers outside the US Embassy in London to demand that the Iranian regime be left alone. Huge Hezbollah banners are flying and Syrian flags are adorned with pictures of Assad.

Some intrepid Iranians for freedom step in to have their say with a “Free Iran” banner. Stopper thugs led by Chris Nineham tear it down. Jeremy Corbyn and Lindsey German harangue the Iranians for freedom from the platform. The Hezbollah banners are left untouched, of course.

A few minutes later Lindsey German lays down the line – go hang (I say advisedly):

The question of the regime is a matter for the Iranian people. We here in the West have one duty, to oppose our own regime, and that is what we are doing.

Here’s the dreaded enemy. They don’t want war with Iran either. Not good enough. Go away.

Here’s another scene from the same demonstration – “Long live Hezbollah! Long live Ahmadinejad!”

This is Jeremy Corbyn’s sordid world.