Jeremy Corbyn, David Hearst & the Great Israel Conspiracy

You’re unlikely to see a more fawning interview than the editor of Middle East Eye David Hearst’s three way with Jeremy Corbyn and Peter Oborne.

He’s so proud of it he published the transcript and an op-ed with the strap line:

“The former Labour leader was the victim of a carefully planned and brutally executed political assassination.”

Hearst may well believe that Corbyn is a victim of a media conspiracy because in 2017 he told told a room full of people that Israel instigated a conspiracy to “safeguard” itself from its “two worst enemies” the BBC and the Guardian:

“And then I asked him [the Israeli ambassador], as he was talking to me, ‘who are Israel’s two worst enemies?’ And I was expecting him to say Hamas and Hizbollah, and with an absolutely straight face he said ‘the BBC and the Guardian’ [laughter]. And they have acted on it. They really have acted on it, I don’t want to say anything about the Guardian, but I know they have acted on it, they have put people in place in senior editorial positions to safeguard that in both institutions.”

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Hearst made the claim at a meeting entitled The Hamas New Charter and the Western Response, organised by the Palestine Forum in Britain.

Sharing the platform with Hearst were Azzam “explode in their faces” Tamimi and Daud Abdullah.

Ironically (if we understand such things) rather than making Corbyn a more sympathetic figure this interview is in keeping with everything the people of Britain detested about him and serves as the perfect epitaph for his time as Labour leader.