This Week in Labour News (2/23/2019)

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Labour councillors protest Brum leadership’s anti-union stance

“Striking refuse workers (members of Unite) are facing legal action by the Labour authority while Unison home care workers are also in dispute over cuts in hours and pay.

The last straw for many Labour councillors came in December when the Unison home care workers tried to deliver a card to Ward and were locked out of the Council House. The unedifying spectacle of low-paid women trade unionists being kept out of the Council’s HQ was the final straw for many Labour councillors.”

Oakland Teachers Are Striking Against Billionaire Privatizers

“Fortunately, for the first time in decades, large numbers of working people are taking strike action to put an end to the unilateral dictates of corporate America. At its heart, the Oakland strike, and the national teachers’ revolt, is a struggle for democracy — for a society in which the working-class majority, not the superrich, determines governmental policy. As Oakland union leader Keith Brown said just before today’s strike, “only the power of the people can defeat the power of the billionaires.”

192 miners of the SOE ‘Selydivvugillia’ protesting undergound

“According to the chairperson of the primary trade union organization of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine at the mine “Kurakhivska” Oleksii Soroka, today morning 150 miners hold a meeting on the problem of the wage non-payment. Then they went underground in the mine but refused to perform work.”