Yvonne Ridley and the Ramadhan Foundation

Earlier this month, we covered the story of Laura Stuart, the PSC speaker who says she is suspicious of people “in the Finchley area” – i.e. Jews she thinks might also be working in the IDF.

Here is Yvonne Ridley on IDF reservists, addressing a “Gaza conference” meeting in 2009. The event was organised by the Ramadhan Foundation, and promoted by MPAC-UK.

Ridley says:

But there are foreign fighters out there. And they are fighting for the Israeli army. One in seven of the reservists who were called up, are foreign fighters. They hold British passports, French, German, Italian, Australian, South African, from South America. Foreign fighters who’ve gone to fight for the IDF. We reckon that about up to a dozen alone come from the Metropolitan police force. Some from the Thames Valley police force. We need Special Branch at Heathrow, to stop forensically examining the passenger lists of planes coming in from Islamabad and Lahore, and switch instead, their attention to those coming in from Tel Aviv. Have they been fighting – *applause* – Have they been fighting for Israel? Are they guilty of war crimes? We need to find out and we need to expose them, because as the Nuremberg trials proved, simply obeying orders is no longer a defence.

Again, note the applause – as with the PSC, so with the Ramadhan Foundation.

She also claims, in this clip, that Zionists have tentacles everywhere.

Present were:

George Galloway MP, leader of the Respect Party
Paul Rowen MP, Lib Dem MP for Rochdale [NB: invited, did not show]
llama Nisar Baig Qadri, British Muslim Forum
Ashgar Bukhari, Muslim Public Affairs Committee, UK
Councillor Ibrar Khan, Friends of Palestine, Rochdale
Yvonne Ridley, Press TV and
Muhammad Umar, Chairman Ramadhan Foundation
Ismail Patel, British Muslim Initiative
Representatives from the Jewish community
Rev Dennis Riggs, Zion Baptist Church, Rochdale
Professor Muhammad Nawaz, Muslim Activist London

Which members of the Jewish communities were these?

The Neturei Karta, of course: