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Dieudonné in London

This is a guest post by Jonathan Hoffman

On Saturday 10 April Dieudonné was due to perform in London. Dieudonné is a French rabidly antisemitic ‘comedian’ who does not get bookings in France anymore because of the antisemitic nature of his “act”. Presumably that is why he is coming to London.

Dieudonné has tried to justify his antisemitic comments with claims that Jews were the main organisers and beneficiaries of the African slave trade, and that they remain the main culprits behind the oppression of both blacks and Arabs. Some background:,8599,1891407,00.html#ixzz0kRZLd6fR

To their credit the venue (the Millennium Hotel) cancelled the performance as soon as they were alerted as to precisely whom they were hosting.

But it leaves open the question of who was promoting this event.

And will they try to find another venue? (The Millennium is the second that has cancelled him).

And will the Home Office exclude him?