Gerry Healy and the WRP

Recent posts about the Redgraves may have led to certain individuals feeling nostalgia for Gerry Healy, the Socialist Labour League, or the Workers’ Revolutionary Party. You Tube provides two pro-Gerry Healy videos showing footage of him from 1969 to the late 1980s. Amazing how many people he could crowd into a hall. Perhaps you can see a youthful version of yourself in the audience, at one of the Right to Work marches, or at the “historic leap” that was the start of the WRP (5:04 in the first video), where a theatrical piece was performed.

The second part may have Vanessa Redgrave at the start behind Healy. It starts with a tribute from Gerry Healy to Abu Jihad, a PLO leader, who was the victim of an “internationalist imperialist murder”. Left wing obsessions with Zionism are nothing new. Nor is fawning over dictators.

This post detailing the WRP’s finances and involvement with the Libyan and Iraqi governments at Gauche is also worth reading.