Stateside,  Vote 2008

Meanwhile, back in the States

After a long, bitterly-contested recount process, the Minnesota State Canvassing Board has certified Democrat Al Franken as the winner of last November’s Senate election against Republican incumbent Norm Coleman.

Although Coleman’s attorney vows to challenge the decision, I think the odds are pretty solid that Franken will end up taking Coleman’s place in the Senate.

Franken is a former “Saturday Night Live” comedian and the author of several books, including the very funny “Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot.”

Because the margin (225 votes) is so small, I’ve decided that the reason for Franken’s victory is the botch that Coleman made of questioning George Galloway when he testified before a Senate subcommittee investigating the corrupt Iraqi “oil-for-food” program in 2005. The sadly no-longer-blogging Douglas at Last of the Famous International Playboys got it about right at the time.

Go ahead, prove otherwise.