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Authoritarian Regime + Oil = Begging Supplicants

Readers may have concluded that recent developments in Iraq would mean that George Galloway had no choice but to give up his hobby of saluting the leaders of authoritarian regimes in return for – after legitimate expenses of course – advancing their interests in Europe.

They would be wrong.

According to the Venezuelan El Universal he will be visiting Caracas with his begging bowl outstretched next month:

Galloway, a highly controversial deputy because of his support for former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein…is now seeking support from Venezuela to launch an Internet-based TV station.

What with recent announcements by Chavez that he intended to rule by decree it was only a matter of time before the conditions were right for Galloway to decide to ditch the former Iraqi regime and embrace El Presidente.

Galloway who once described British journalist Christopher Hitchens insultingly as a drink soaked Trotskyist popinjay presumably has no qualms about accepting largesse from a Latin American caudillo who now describes himself proudly as a follower of the deposed Bolshevik: readers may be forgiven for concluding that the difference between those Trots who are to be despised and those to be embraced depends on the amount of oil they have access to.

As they say in Yorkshire – where there’s muck there’s brass. Or is it the other way round?

Lovely oil money.jpg

Hat tip: Tim in the comments

Gene adds: The Guardian reports:

George Galloway wants Venezuela to sponsor a web TV station which will broadcast political satire and speeches by President Hugo Chávez from the Respect MP’s home in London.

The political firebrand, below, hopes to visit Caracas next month to request funding and technical support for the venture.

“I’m definitely headed that way,” he told the Guardian. “I want to talk to the Veneuzuelans about television.”

Mr Galloway, 52, also known as Gorgeous George for his suntan and cigars, said he would host his own version of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the Emmy-winning US satirical programme.

Can anyone imagine Galloway trying to do a Jon Stewart “Daily Show” shtick? The mind boggles. And before Galloway tries to convince Chavez to cough up cash for a version of “The Daily Show,” he might want to watch these clips from the real thing: