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Atzmon associate, Israel Shamir, Condemns the BNP

Jorgen Jermas, aka “Israel Shamir” is a professional Borat impersonator and racist. Gilad Atzmon is, in turn, a tribute act to “Shamir”, whose ideas he circulates, and upon whose head he heaps boundless praise.

“Shamir” is presently feuding with the British National Party’s Head of Legal Affairs, Lee Barnes.

The argument started when Lee Barnes accused “Israel Shamir” of “demeaning Saddam’s bravery” by shedding “crocodile tears” over his death. “Shamir responded by describing Lee Barnes as a “Jewish overseer” of the BNP, and accused him of “fighting antisemitism”.

Lee Barnes angrily denied the charge of “fighting antisemitism”, and riposted:

Calling someone on the Right a ‘ Jew ‘ in a debate is actually a highly efficient way of saying ‘I am an idiot and cannot win the debate with logic or argument, so therefore I will resort to mere abuse to cover up my intellectual vapidity ‘. It merely reinforces the fact you are either a twat or an idiot. Usually both.

But “Shamir” delivered his knock-out blow:

In my view, Jewish is as Jewish does. I am not interested and I was not referring to your DNA or bloodline. You use such expressions as “antisemitism”, “self-hating jew” and promote Jewish war against Muslims. It is more than enough to consider you as a Jew – if you insist, an aspiring Jew, or a shabbesgoy if you prefer to stress your gentile origins.

[T]he far right of 1930s stood against what they considered ‘Jewish onslaught’, while you, Sir, join in it. Your joining forces with Zionism is a full betrayal of the English ideals whose best features were exemplified by Chesterton and Eliot. By your parroting of Jewish nonsense of “Islamic threat” you are supporting their drive on the Middle East though this step brings in the immigration you object to.

I do not feel at ease accusing you and your comrades of betraying the Britons and joining with the Jews, but if I’d keep mum, stones won’t.

Those of you who monitor far right political chatrooms will be familiar with the charge that Nick Griffin’s BNP has gone soft on, and is being run by, “the Jews”.

Given the porous boundary between far right and far left, who will be the first to spot a claim in far left circles that the BNP is in the pockets of “the Zionists”?