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Disastrous Mayoral Candidacy Announced

From time to time in the past Harry’s Place has been ever so slightly critical of London Mayor Ken Livingstone. Despite this I’ve always quite liked Ken; gaffe-prone politicians always come across as more human than their on-message, pager-wielding counterparts, but you have to draw the line somewhere.

Today the BBC reports today that Talksport radio presenter James Whale wants to stand as the UK Independence Party’s candidate for mayor in 2008. According to a party spokesman, UKIP believe that the Talksport broadcaster would be an “extremely strong” challenger to Ken Livingstone. “If people want politicians who simply say the same things as other politicians, they can vote for Ken Livingstone or Steve Norris. For the rest of the people, they would have a candidate in James Whale who would be the direct opposite of that kind of politician”, said the spokesman, apparently not realising that whatever you might think about Ken Livingstone, he’s not someone who simply says the same things as other politicians.

The UKIP website adds that if Mr Whale were to become Mayor he’d scrap the congestion charge, and get rid of “appalling parking Gestapo officers”, which ironically isn’t that dissimilar to something that Ken Livingstone might have said. According to UKIP Leader Nigel Farage, Whale “not only has guts, but an understanding of what real people think”. Whale adds that “I think what Ken Livingstone has done to the people and image of the capital is unforgivable. Under me, there wouldn’t be the waste of money that there is under him. I would liberate the people of London from unfair taxes and continous intrusion in their daily lives.”

The UKIP site concedes that “the DJ may have trouble persuading Londoners that he is serious – he has no experience in politics, having spent his career as a ‘shock jock’ radio and TV presenter”. This isn’t a problem though, not when you’re planning to recruit the very best advisers money can buy. Step forward Jeffrey Archer and Peter Stringfellow.

Anyone wanting to familiarise themselves with the mayoral hopeful can find him here talking to David Shayler and US conspiracy theorist Alex Jones about the murders of Princess Diana and David Kelly, how 9/11 was orchestrated by the CIA, and how the recent war in Lebanon was the “curtain raiser” for World War Three. Good luck, Jeffrey and Peter.

Gene adds: Previous guests on the Alex Jones show include…