Iran Encourages Fast Breeders

President Ahmadinejad unveils his new wunderwaffen in the struggle against the West – lots more bonny bouncing Iranian bairns.

Women should work less and devote more time to their “main mission” of raising children, Mr Ahmadinejad said.

“I am against saying that two children are enough. Our country has a lot of capacity. It has the capacity for many children to grow in it. It even has the capacity for 120 million people. Westerners have got problems. Because their population growth is negative, they are worried and fear that if our population increases, we will triumph over them.”

Not everyone agrees:

The reformist Etemad-e Melli newspaper warned that Iran could pay a high price for such “ill-considered” comments. It wrote: “He stresses the necessity of population growth and the triumph of Iran over western governments, ignoring the fact that what leads to such triumph is not population size but knowledge, technology, wealth, welfare and security.”