You guys eat pudding with beef?

I was at a wedding between a Lancastrian and an American at the weekend and when we sat down for lunch I was asked by the US delegation what the round, fluffy looking thing was on the plate, slightly covered with gravy and nestled next to the roast beef.

How do you describe Yorkshire Pudding to an American?

All manner of suggestions were put forward – baked batter, kind-of-a-salty-donut, like your biscuits but not as ‘sconey’. I suspect none of the attempts worked because not a single American guest even risked a slice of the good stuff.

Given we have a few UK based Americans among the readership, who presumably have to explain these sort of matters regularly, I wondered if anyone had better definitions?

Oh and the suggestion from one Lancastrian that “well, if your not going to eat them then pass them over here” was nervously laughed at and the puds criminally went in the bin. Is it considered impolite in the US to eat from someone else’s plate?