Last SuperPower

When an article from Gene about women and education in Afghanistan gets an offensive reply from a reader quoting Kipling it is hard not to wonder whether it is worth the effort here.

But then this morning I got an email from a new Australian reader which cheered me up:

We are a small, somewhat disparate group of left wing Australians who supported the war in Iraq. Naturally we’ve been feeling very alone – only just came across “Harry’sPlace” today – haven’t even had time to read a lot of it yet, but it sure is a relief to have discovered you.

Although LastSuperpower started off as a website devoted to challenging the so-called “left-wing” opposition to the war in Iraq – and that is still a major part of its focus – we also discuss a range of other issues.

Last SuperPower is not exactly a blog but it is a site with a very interesting collection of articles and links and is well worth checking out.