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Mainstream Media ignores Hamas threat to repeat 7 October massacre – again!

I complained a week ago that the mainstream media has had almost entirely ignored the threat by Hamas’s deputy foreign minister Ghazi Hamad that Hamas would repeat the October 7 attacks at every opportunity until Israel ceased to exist. This information simply did not suit the narrative they like to push that casts Israel’s responses to Hamas terror attacks as “disproportionate”.

Well, another Hamas leader has repeated the threat, and once again, you won’t hear much about it from mainstream liberal newspapers or broadcasters.

Once again, MEMRI have catalogued an interview in which Hamas’s senior man in Lebanon, Osama Hamdan, has repeated his colleague’s threat. According to the transcript, Hamdan stated that the 7 October attack was “the greatest achievement of this operation was not just the damage inflicted to the Israeli military and its true image, but also the fact that the operation ended Israel’s ambitions to become a natural entity in the region at the expense of the Palestinian nation.”

When asked if he could go back in time and do it again he would, he replied “Yes“.

What more evidence do you need that Israel is fighting an existential battle and that if it does not succeed in eliminating Hamas – whatever the regrettable cost to the Palestinian people who elected Hamas their government and among whom Hamas now hide, having embedded themselves – then the security of Israel and its people is not certain? It will only be a matter of time before Hamas regroups and manages to carry out fresh attacks if they are not destroyed, along with their terrorist infrastructure.

News reports have already noted that Israeli PM Netanyahu has suggested that Israel may have to take over security management in Gaza for the foreseeable future. Typically, these reports do not mention that Hamas has reiterated its commitment to repeating “7 October”, nor that Israel’s single-minded task is motivated solely by making sure that never happens again.

Why would – or should – Israel commit to a ceasefire knowing that it will mean its enemies will go right back to planning another massacre of Jews of a scale not seen on a single day sing the Holocaust? This is not what Israel fears Hamas will do… this is what Hamas has openly said it will do… TWICE!!

If you want to really appreciate what Israel is fighting to avoid happening again, read counter-antisemitism campaigner Lee Kern’s blog about what he witnessed as a journalist and the effect it had on him.

One can only conclude, as he did, that:

They mastered the art of sin and it is something no human should have ever learned to do, because now there are monsters among us. We cannot share the planet with them.

That is why there can be no ceasefire until Hamas is destroyed.