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Dear ‘Ceasefire’ Useful Idiots…

The Middle East media-monitoring organisation MEMRI has shared a television interview with Hamas Official Ghazi Hamad. In the interview he states plainly:

“We Will Repeat the October 7 Attack Time and Again Until Israel Is Annihilated; We Are Victims – Everything We Do Is Justified.”

Is that clear enough for you?

He elaborates: “Israel is a country that has no place in our lands. We must remove that country… We are not ashamed to say this, ‘with full force’… To teach Israel a lesson, we will do this [7/10 attacks] again and again.”

When asked by the host if this means the annihilation of Israel, he replies: “Yes, of course!”.

Clear? Do you understand now why the Israelis are putting everything they have into ensuring that the words “Never Again” have tangible meaning? “Never Again” is not just a slogan to the Jewish people. Eighty years ago, Jewish people were helpless. Today, they will tell you with steely resolve “we have soldiers who will fight for us”.

Hamas and its off-shoots are an existential threat to Israel and to the Jewish people. This time, there can be no ceasefire. Last week, I made the case here, but today Hamas made the case for all to see.

So, dear ‘useful idiots’ – many of whom, alas, are friends with good intentions – stop the virtue-signalling “petitions” for a Ceasefire. Hamas, the elected government of Gaza, has stated openly and without shame that, at the first opportunity, it will return and massacre and mutilate Jews – families at breakfast, young people dancing, children at play, babies in their cots.

If it were your family, your friends, your people, living under such a monstrous threat, would you stop shooting?