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Farfour the Gazan Mouse inspires McDonald’s Attacks

McDonalds restaurants in the UK have been the victim of a series of cartoonish terror attacks in which militants – apparently inspired by the Gazan ‘Young Pioneers‘ TV show – have released mice from large containers, some painted in the colours of the Palestinian flag.

According to the Daily Mail, there have now been three four such attacks.

Farfour is a children’s television character with a high pitched voice and who urges children – and those with similar mental ages – to strike out on behalf of Jihad against Israel and the Western world in general.

The protest now means the fast food chain has to call in the exterminators to deal with the Palestinian vermin, as hundreds of little live Farfours scurry about destined to share the same fate.

UPDATE: Fuzz Finds Fraudster Farfour Fan!