Gaza,  Hamas

There is a Fifth Column, and it is a threat to us all

Many of you by now will have watched the unsettling and earth-shaking footage that emerged as the savage animals of Hamas TikToked and live streamed their murderous rampage in southern Israel this past weekend. The sickening footage of summary executions of parents, children, old people, young people at a music festival, the rapes of women, the desecration of the bodies of the dead, the beheadings of babies… I can scarcely believe what I am typing, the extent of the savagery and violence unleashed on civilians is so… ‘unimaginable’. And yet we saw it. The terrorists shared their bloody and extreme handiwork. The people of Gaza turned out in their throngs to spit on the dead bodies dragged through the streets and to kick and hit and throw stones at the kidnapped hostages paraded like a scene from a medieval movie. All around the Muslim world, we saw an outpouring of joy and ecstatic support for these monsters.

But it wasn’t only in the Muslim world. It was in the streets of New York City, Toronto, Sydney, various capitals of Europe, and – naturally – London. Watch the scenes here. According to Sky News, there were as many as 5000 singing and ululating in celebration of the massacres.

Now, we have always had people who support various terrorist causes in our society. But this isn’t ‘normal’ terrorism where someone puts a bomb in a shopping centre and it blows up later indiscriminately killing random people. This is actually taking children and the elderly and taunting them, terrifying them, and looking them in the eyes while you deliberately kill them. Snatching women, raping them, murdering them, desecrating their bodies… this is beyond what we thought terrorism was. This is beyond what we thought humans were actually capable of. We don’t even imagine the killing fields of the Khmer Rouge were this brutal. We don’t even believe the Nazis were this savage. Yes, obviously in scale, the Holocaust was immeasurably worse, but do you for a second believe that Hamas were limited by restraint or humanity or ambition rather than by material factors? Do you think that if they could have continued killing Jews unopposed they would choose not to?

What we are witnessing is qualitatively different to the usual political disagreements, even over Middle East politics. We are watching people celebrate openly the mass raping of women, the execution of children and young people,  the murder of unarmed families in their pyjamas… for fuck’s sake, the beheading of babies! Does it not terrify you that people who would sing and dance and cheer this on live among you? Some might even be your own doctor! This isn’t an issue of free speech or differences of political opinion, of freedom of belief or conscience, this is about whether we can tolerate living with actual psychopaths and potential serial killers.

I expect some deplorable people to justify ‘normal terrorism’ from the standpoint of their extreme ideologies, but anyone justifying, or even ‘contextualising’ this bestial savagery is sick beyond help and evil beyond redemption.

Anything that wasn’t clear or obvious to us about radical Islamism now is, and it should be to everyone. If it isn’t still clear to someone then I assume it is because, in their hearts, they harbour a murderous hatred for Jews and want to see them dead. This is precisely how Hamas would act in a “single united Palestine”. Everyone knows this. Some are relaxed about it though. They hide behind calls for “peace”. “Peace” is a stupid and cretinous demand. What suggests that Hamas will ever accept peace?

Ben Shapiro – you don’t have to like his politics – showed uncensored footage from much of this, saying that it was essential for the world to see what actual evil looked like. As hard as it is to watch, I think everyone should, and then they should think again about who the people chanting “Gas The Jews” at the Sydney Opera House or brandishing swastikas in Times Square or outside the Israeli Embassy in London really are, and whether we truly want them living among us.

For decade, our liberal instincts made us believe they were just slightly more excitable Anglicans. A delusional lie! They are a savage lot devoted to a death cult. And when war comes, what are we going to do with the tens of thousands of radical Hamas-like monsters in our country who will support our enemies? Given half the chance, they will kill us too.