Labour and the Assassination of Qassem Soleimani

Considering the fact that the leader of the Labour Party took money from Iran’s propaganda outlet the response from the Labour Party is precisely as expected.

Note question 7;

“What assessment has been made of the potential increase in the risk of terrorist attack in the UK itself as a result of the assassination and what action has been undertaken by the government to address any increased risk.”

One would have thought that Corbyn would be better placed than anyone to know what the risks would be as he has been working with Hezbollah’s biggest UK fans for sometime as we have shown in the video below.

Corbyn is no stranger to the Iranian parliament either, perhaps he could ask some of his friends over there whether they intend to target the UK in response to an Iranian general being blown up in Iraq by American drones.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell didn’t waste any time getting stuck in either;

The Shadow Justice Secretary

Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell led the Labour Party to its worst election result for 85 years. Quite what they’re still doing at the helm of the Labour Party is a mystery.