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John McDonnell’s Faction Says; “Stand Together Against Zionists and Other Racists”

Just hours after McDonnell claimed Labour’s stance against antisemitism served as an “example” to others his own Labour faction ran a Facebook post saying:

“We need to stand together Jew and Gentile [sic] against Zionists and other racists”

Just last month the hard left Labour Representation Committee hosted disgraced former Labour MP Chris Williamson at an event where he praised expelled Labour member Jackie Walker.

John McDonnell is President of the faction, Walker runs the group alongside McDonnell as BME Officer.

Walker was elected at their AGM in February this year, McDonnell spoke at the event.

The statement comes just hours after McDonnell claimed the Labour Party had “done everything the Jewish community has asked of us” at a Labour press conference.

A survey by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research conducted amongst UK Jewry last year found that 82% of respondents feel “Israel plays a ‘central’ or ‘important but not central’ role in their Jewish identities.”

McDonnell’s comments have been roundly ridiculed online. The Twitter account ‘the Golem’ pointed out that Sam Gorst, a Liverpool Labour councillor who bullied former Labour Party MP Luciana Berger was sat next to him even as he claimed Labour had dealt with the issue.

At the same press conference McDonnell is alleged to have lied about the employment status of former MP Ian Austin:

This is only the start of Labour’s bid to replace the Conservatives as the party of government at the general election.