Anti Muslim Bigotry

Mainstream Jewish organisations slam Katie Hopkins’ anti-Muslim film

As reported in the Jewish Chronicle, Katie Hopkins gave a presentation to a mostly Jewish audience in Hendon on Tuesday evening. Her film Homeland, on the supposed Islamification of Europe, was apparently received with enthusiasm by a group which included Sharon Klaff and Ambrosine Shitrit.

However mainstream Jewish groups and organisations have been quick to condemn Katie Hopkins and her film’s anti-Muslim message.  Ben Weich, writing for the JC, expressed his disapproval in trenchant tones:

Jewish flirtation with the far right and extreme nationalism – less than a century removed from the Holocaust – is nauseating and ironic in equal measure.

The Board of Deputies President also expressed her unequivocal condemnation of the film and those who promoted it

Dave Rich of the CST was equally forthright:

Jack Mendel of Jewish News agrees:

Katie Hopkins is part of the far-right. She should be disowned by the Jewish community. Those embracing her are v dangerous.

And finally – a strong statement from Quilliam’s David Toube: