Responses to Rabina Khan’s pledge to reopen gay venue in Tower Hamlets

Rabina Khan, who plans to stand as an independent candidate in the Tower Hamlets Mayoral elections, is a supporter of Lutfur Rahman with alleged links to the IFE.  So far, so not great.  However, more to her credit, she has announced her intention to reopen the Joiners’ Arms, which closed in January, as a ‘hub to provide advice for young people struggling with their sexual or gender identity.’

“The Joiners’ Arms has long been an important venue for the LGBTI community and its future should carry on in that tradition,” she said.

“I believe the Joiners’ Arms would make a fantastic community hub offering support services for the LGBTI people and the wider community too.”

Charlotte Gerada, a member of the group “Friends of the Joiners Arms,” said: ‘The Joiners is an incredibly crucial and valued community space, offering a safe space to socialise and provide key support services.

“I know Rabina shares our passion and vision to save and evolve the Joiners and if elected as Tower Hamlets mayor, I have full confidence that she will continue to protect this historic venue.”

Not everyone is supportive of this move, or of Khan’s backing. 5Pillarz’ Facebook followers have been quick to weigh in:

Another blacksheep in Muslim society?

That’s why voting is haram

The levels people stoop to just for a little recognition from the kuffar is beyond me subhan’Allāh. Watering down the perfected deen to satisfy their egos and desires. May Allāh guide her and us.

This is y u don’t allow women out of the kitchen.#KnowYourRoleWomen

Yet another sign of the end of days!!!

Coconut appeasing her masters.

Although most comments were negative, the post did attract 129 ‘likes’ from more easygoing, but less vocal, readers of 5Pillarz.

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