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Labour Fails To Tackle IFE Infiltration of Tower Hamlets Labour Party

A commenter in the thread below has the info on the failure of the London Labour Party to remove Islamic Forum Europe cadre from the list of council candidates:

There weren’t any ’selections’ for council candidates. The London Regional Board appointed a panel to interview and appoint candidates. These appointments were made a couple of weeks ago and 48 out of 51 people allocated seats accepted.

Five sitting councillors have been deselected.

– Three of them for being pretty useless (Salim Ullah, Shaheed Ali and the Repect defectee and current ‘Olympics Ambassador’ Waisul Ismam

– One of them – Alex Heslop – because he’s not a woman and he’s white.

– One of them – Fozlul Haque – because (a) he’s too close to IFE (b) he’s never lived in Tower Hamlets (c) Ken Clark really doesn’t like him.

Despite the regional board being given quite clear information on who the bad guys are (Md Abdullah Sallique, Roffique Uddin Ahmed and Alibor ‘bad boy’ Choudhury) all of these three were reselected, albeit Alibor had to move wards.

The regional board were also advised not to select Aminur and Rabina Khan – both leading lights of IFE and selected for the safe ward of Whitechapel and the winnable ward of Shadwell.

Labour clearly has a pretty good idea of the extent of the infiltration of their party by members of the Jamaat-e-Islami aligned Islamic Forum Europe. It obviously worries the party – as well it should – sufficiently to put Tower Hamlets in “special measures”

So, why fail to act?

Here’s a possible answer. Ken Livingstone is not a man without influence in the London Labour Party.