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Stephen Sizer gives interview to Holocaust-denying website

In an interview published on Christmas Eve, Stephen Sizer tells the Qods News Agency:

Israel has a stranglehold over Republican and Democrat leaders financing their campaigns every four years.

The demonstrations in the USA are of little consequence to the Israelis as whoever is elected, they win.

Israel is like an addicted gambler or alcoholic. It is unable to demonstrate self-control or rational thought

I genuinely fear a false flag incident by Israel to justify military intervention against Iran that will be used as a cover for expelling Palestinian from the West Bank into Jordan to ‘solve’ or resolve the fact that Israel wants a land with no people to colonize

The Qods News Agency has previously reported:

  • “The Hamas government of Gaza is among the entities denying the controversial Holocaust issue and likens Holocaust education to a war crime.”
  • “Gaza government officials on Tuesday urged school children to leave classrooms if textbooks provided by the UNRWA included content about the myth of Holocaust.”
  • “In an email interview with Qudsna, Toben believed that the IRI President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s call to review the Holocaust helped show “how vital the ‘Holocaust’ is to Israel’s existence.””
  • According to the Zionists, some six million Jews were murdered by the German Nazis during the World War II, which they refer to as holocaust. This is while, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad believes that the actual holocaust is the crimes committed everyday in occupied territories of Palestine.”

The Qods interview describes Sizer as a “prominent western thinker“; Qods also describes Holocaust denier Fred Tobin as a “prominent Australian intellectual.”

Qods has also previously published a hate sermon which claimed “it is no longer an impossible dream to see Israel to perish“.

It is a ridiculous situation, when no action is taken against Rev Sizer for his promoting of various forms of antisemitism in Iran and other countries, which he presents as sharing the gospel.

Today, Rev Nick Howard has published an excellent essay about Rev Sizer, antisemitism and the Anglican Church, which deserves to be read widely.