Counter-demonstration against the PSC at the Royal Albert Hall

Short notice, but I thought some readers might be interested to know about a planned counter-demonstration at the Royal Albert Hall (you’ll need to scroll down to the bottom of the page) in response to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s planned protest against the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra’s performance tomorrow at the BBC Proms.

Where: By the main entrance of the Royal Albert Hall (Kensington Gore)

Date: Thursday 1st September 2011

Time: 6-8pm

As reported by Engage, a letter, protesting against the concert and signed by 24 musicians, including Deborah Fink, was published in yesterday’s Independent.

Our main concern is that Israel deliberately uses the arts as propaganda to promote a misleading image of Israel. Through this campaign, officially called “Brand Israel”, denials of human rights and violations of international law are hidden behind a cultural smokescreen. The IPO is perhaps Israel ‘s prime asset in this campaign.

As reported by the Jewish Chronicle, the BBC’s Roger Wright has responded to objections by pointing out that “The invitation to the orchestra is a purely musical one, giving the audience the opportunity to hear this fine orchestra during this year’s Proms, not least in the 75th birthday year of its conductor Zubin Mehta.”

Alec Macph adds: Sorry to Sarah, but this deserves to be on the front page. I am torn between seeing this as an impression of a lorry reversing or a very mad woman.

Update Unfortunately the performance was disrupted by protestors.

Update I’m closing comments as there is a new post about the disruption itself.