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Once More For Hamas

The Socialist Unity blog has kindly confirmed that Viva Palestina will team up with the Turkish Islamist charity IHH for another convoy to Gaza this autumn.

Once they reach Turkey, they will be joined by a large delegation from IHH, the organisation who organised the recent Flotilla that was attacked by Israel leaving 9 people dead. IHH were partners on the last Viva Palestina convoy, and their involvement once more will be a major boost to this convoy.

It is a good match, since both charities are strong supporters of Hamas, who receive the goods and money they collect for Gaza.

The close links between Viva Palestina, IHH and the Jew hating terrorists of Hamas have been documented on this blog.

Kevin Ovenden, a trustee of Viva Palestina, with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza, with the Neturei Karta pals of Ahmadinejad in tow

Here is one more event in January 2009 that underlines just how close IHH is to Hamas.

Zuhri (a Hamas spokesman) held a joint press conference with Yavuz Dede, deputy president of the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, at Topkapı Eresin Hotel.

Zuhri indicated they were fighting this war because they refuse to approve Israel’s right to existence

Sami Abu Zuhri of Hamas and Yavuz Dede of IHH

What about a peace deal, with foreign peacekeepers? Forget about it, they should be killed:

We are against all international forces in the Gaza Strip and want to make it clear that we will regard any force on the Gaza border as invading forces.

Once again, this is about the annihilation of Israel:

Speaking on the goals of the resistance, Hamas spokesman said: “The goal of Hamas resistance is not to reopen the borders. This is something obligatory. Our goal is to regain Masjid al-Aqsa. Resistance will continue until entire Palestine has been recovered and a Palestinian state is established.

Oh and don’t you dare talk to Mr Zuhri about the “so-called Holocaust”. This is what he said about the news that the UN was considering adding Holocaust lessons to its textbooks for schools in Palestine:

Regardless of the controversy, we oppose forcing the issue of the so-called Holocaust onto the syllabus, because it aims to reinforce acceptance of the occupation of Palestinian land.

It is of course illegal (pdf) to fund Hamas from the UK.

But Viva Palestina need not worry, for the UK refuses to enforce its own laws in this case. Ovenden and Co. are free to carry on with their illegal activities, with banking services provided by the “ethical” people at Co-Operative Bank.

Hopefully other stakeholders will take a more robust view of a “charity” raising funds for terrorists and refuse to support it in any way.