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Venezuela: The Left manages to blame the Jews

The stinking cesspit that passes for contemporary left wing politics has an outlet valve through which the rancid slurry of its antisemitic propaganda leaks into the mainstream. This dripping fetid faucet is called The Canary.

This week’s diarrhetic squirt of toxic bilge is a false narrative so bold in its distortion that it could fairly be called a lie and a blood libel. They ‘reported’:

Guaidó is far from the fresh-faced, heroic character presented to you by outlets like BBC News or the Guardian.. On 27 January, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu officially recognised Guaidó as Venezuelan interim president. Israel became one of many colonial powers, including the US and the UK, to support the West’s latest imperialist project. On 3 February, Guaidó’s supporters displayed and cheered Israeli flags during an opposition rally.

The truth, as many commentators have pointed out, is that the flags of all countries who recognised the interim-government of Juan Guaidó – almost two-dozen so far, including most of Europe, The US, Canada, and several other South American countries. So why make it about Israel?

Perhaps it was just a bit of leftie conspiracy nutter click-bait, you might be thinking. But how does that explain the presence of Palestinian flags at today’s protest outside the Bank of England, where a mob of Jeremy Corbyn’s sweaty peons laboured at the emotional work of screeching “No War On Venezuela!” and demanded the Exchequer unfreeze the assets of the falling regime. Maduro desperately needs the money for tank tracks, teargas and rubber bullets.  Perhaps his police haven’t shot enough limbs off protesting students yet – as documented by Amnesty International, that well-known alt-right pro-Imperialist shill organisation (as it undoubtedly will soon be dismissed).

But back to the Palestinian flag waving outside the Bank of England. What crazed mind thinks taking a Palestinian flag to a protest involving a social revolution in South America Is relevant and appropriate? I’ll tell you why:

  1. It’s outside a bank, so ‘Jews’, right? Running the world, sitting on the pile of gold in the vaults like a nesting Kraken so it can’t be used to feed the starving, or whatever they imagine Maduro needs it for. And how do you frighten Jews? You wave a Palestinian flag at them.
  2. They imagine that the Venezuelan issue is one of National Liberation, rather than one in which the National Reserves have been liberated and transferred to the accounts of ordinary Venezuelans with the last name of Chavez or Maduro. And of course the uber-intersectionality is the intersection of righteous liberation causes with Palestine being the star on the tree.
  3. Jeremy Corbyn supports the Maduro regime and the flag Jeremy Corbyn is most photographed in front of is not the Union Jack (the flag of the country he hopes to one day become Prime Minister of); and not the Hammer & Sickle (of the country he’s most misty eyed and nostalgic for), but the Palestinian flag. So it is packed into any basic protest utility pack.
  4. Lastly, The Canary said the shadowy hand of Israel was behind the “attempted coup” in Venezuela and also that “Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip demonstrated in solidarity with Venezuela’s democratically elected government.”

So there you have it.

Isn’t it interesting that while The Canary has had to make up a story about Israel’s flag flying at anti-Maduro event, there actually is a Palestinian flag at pro-Maduro event. The former fact is easily explained, the latter defies logic unless it it twisted and distorted through a far-left media lens.