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“White Liberals” – perhaps – general f**king idiots more like

This is a Guest Post by More Media Nonsense

Talk about timing.

As if by magic I’ve spotted a prime example of the kind of “Left” madness currently a big topic on HP.

On that well known home of “Idiot Left” buffoons “Stalinist Lunacy” we have this:

The story is Salma Yaqoob condemns the Iranians over stonings (hurrah !). Well that’s actually welcome but its not so simple comrades, as one thinker says :

Salma achieved over 3,000 Council votes and over 10,000 Parliamentary Votes this year – it is possible to criticise another countries laws or religious practices and not be a racist after all , isn’t it?

Hey guys – some right on Muslim woman is anti-Mullahs. Perhaps we can criticise Iran now ?

And then there’s this :

It might pay dividends if Salma wrote an open letter to the regime on the issue calling for clemency and for the release of Sakineh. The people will trust an unequivocal anti-imperialist.