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Livingstone’s Iraq gambit

At a recent London Labour Mayoral hustings, Ken brought up the Iraq war:

Ken, mincing none of his words, noted that: “that invasion [into Iraq] took the lives of 52 Londoners” – referring to the 7/7 bombings.

It needs to be emphasized, again and again it appears, that Mohammad Siddique Khan was radicalised before Iraq, and before even 9/11:

Mohammed Siddique Khan was under surveillance in January 2001, nine months before 9/11 and several years before the Iraq war. So, the idea that he was radicalised by Afghanistan or Iraq just doesn’t fit with the facts. We should face up to the reality that what motivated Mohammed Sidddique Khan to below himself up in an effort to kill as many civilians as possible was far more fundamental than the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq.

It isn’t about what we do, but what we are.

Here is a picture of a London politician with a supporter of suicide bombing, Sheikh A-Qaradawi.