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Another Win for the Lawyers

What is it with the far left and doomed legal actions?

One of Tommy Sheridan’s old comrades has just lost a case against the Daily Record which had published an unpleasant remark of his that she was a “political scab”.

Not very nice admittedly, but I’m sure she’s been called worse in the febrile and incestuous world of Caledonian Trotskyism.

Temporary judge Morag Wise ruled Curran had not been defamed and threw the complaint out of court.

In her judgment, she said: “I do not consider that this was an attack on the private character of the pursuer (Frances Curran), but rather on her political decisions and political loyalties.

“Right-thinking members of society are well able to read an article of this sort and see it as no more than a robust criticism of the pursuer as a former colleague and ally of Mr Sheridan.”

Sheridan is a spiv who will eventually get his come-uppance but it won’t be at he hands of cack-handed fantasists like Curran.

Trots – stay out of the bourgeois courts unless you want to fund the downpayment on your advocate’s new Mercedes.

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