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Trots for Sale, Slightly Scuffed

Remember John Rees and Lindsay German?

Of course you do. They were the credulous Trots who were purged from leading positions in the Socialist Workers Party for being gulled once too often by George Galloway and various dodgy Islamists.

What are they up to now?

Setting up a website and whoring themselves to the highest media bidders, by the looks of things.

Counterfire is a news and theory website from the movements, for the movements.

The site was launched on the 100th International Women’s Day, March 8 this year. The website is edited by Ady Cousins and an elected editorial board.

Counterfire contributors can offer expertise on major socio-political themes and events including the economic crisis, imperialism and war, anti-fascism and women’s rights. They are available for interviews, commissions and quotes and are sensitive to the needs of 24-hour news.

Contributors include:

Lindsey Germanis convenor of Stop the War with expertise on Iraq and Afghanistan

Neil Faulkner
is a Time Team regular, an academic archaeologist and historian

John Rees is a writer and broadcaster who has published books on imperialism and philosophy

Clare Solomon is standing for ULU president and a leading student activist

James Meadway
is a doctoral student in economics and former Treasury policy advisor

Brendan Montague is a professional journalist and works in public relations, he writes about the media and immigration

Elaine Graham-Leigh is a leading member of the Campaign against Climate Change.

Well I understand that all intellectual property is theft but while the comrades might not have any moral qualms about stealing the RCP’s 1990s business model, it doesn’t say much for their faith in the revolution that they’ve effectively turned themselves into low level rent-a-gobs happy to wait by their phones when everyone else is tucked up in bed instead of mingling with the proletariat on a Saturday morning.