Iran,  The Left

Will you too be judged, George?

On Britain’s Channel 4, a defecting member of Iran’s Basij describes the pro-regime militia’s role in rigging the June presidential election and in killing and raping men and women of all ages who protested the results.I can only be astounded at the courage of the thousands of Iranians who still dare to take to the streets to demonstrate against their illegitimate government.

In a recent program about the death of Neda Soltan, PBS’s Frontline featured a former reporter for the regime-controlled Press TV who quit her job and took to the streets in protest after the phony election.

One could ask what took her so long, but at least she finally did the right thing– unlike George Galloway, who plumbs new depths of cravenness as he continues to appear on, and cash checks from, Press TV while blithely excusing the inexcusable. (He predicted in June that the anti-regime demonstrations would “soon fizzle out.”)

Galloway sometimes talks about how people who support certain politicians or policies will ultimately face some sort of cosmic justice. If he really believes that, does he think he himself, or those who despite it all continue to support him, are exempt?

(Hat tip: Pickled Politics)