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The BNP’s ‘pro-Jewish’, ‘pro-Israel’ rhetoric is a sham

This is a crosspost by Edmund Standing

Once again, the mask has slipped. A group of Jews turned out to oppose Stop Islamisation Of Europe (SIOE), a group that, as Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens notes, don’t simply oppose Islamism but ‘actively seek to discredit and attack moderate Muslims’, even the excellent British Muslims for Secular Democracy.

In his commentary on this, BNP speakerfanatical Griffinite and all round nasty piece of work Paul ‘Green Arrow’ Morris has written a post entitled ‘Brain Dead Jews in Harrow‘, in which he writes:

You dull thick stupid cretins.  Where are the brains of the “chosen” ones?

Who but an anti-Semite makes a point of referring to ‘”chosen” ones’ when attacking a Jewish group?

This isn’t a first for the Green Arrow. Previously, Morris hasreposted a racist and anti-Semitic text on his blog which listed Jews as ‘chosenites’ and describes a Jewish survivor of Nazi Germany as a ‘typhoid survivor’ (a reference to the claim made by Holocaust deniers that Jews in Nazi death camps were not murdered but simply died from typhus outbreaks).

And all this from one of the supposedly modern, Jew and Israel friendly BNP members.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the BNP’s claim that it is not an anti-Semitic organisation and that it is a friend of Israel is pure opportunism. In reality, the party remains infested with Jew haters who are adopting a superficially pro-Jewish, pro-Israel line as part of their race based campaign which is currently wrapped up in the language of anti-Islamism.

First they have come for the Muslims, later they’ll come for the Jews.

David T adds:

At the Muslim Debate Initiative, at which the BNP’s Jeffrey Marshall spoke, the fascist party attempted to portray itself as a pro-Muslim party. Marshall’s argument was premised on the false claim that the US and the UK had killed 800,000 Muslims in Iraq.

Unite Against Fascism demonstrated against Jeffrey Marshall’s participation in this event. They did not demonstrate against the MDI’s organiser, a convert who calls himself Abdullah Al Andalusi, who repeatedly declared his Hizb ut Tahrir-esque desire to see a theocratic “Caliphate” imposed on Muslims and non-Muslims alike in South Asia and the Middle East.

I would have thought that opposing such a pernicious goal was equally worth the attention of genuine anti-fascists.