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Labour Appoints Socialist Action’s Simon Fletcher to Anti-Boris Role

So, it looks as if Labour has decided to throw its lot in with the Trotskyite entryist group, Socialist Action, in its bid to win the next London Mayoral election:

Dear Colleague,

This is to inform you that Simon Fletcher has started today as London Campaign and Research Director. He will have responsibility for coordinating activity and campaigns around issues relating to the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. He will be located within London Region.

To contact Simon, his phone number at present is 07************* or you can reach him by email on simon_fletcher@*********uk.

Best wishes,

Ray Collins
General Secretary
The Labour Party
39 Victoria St.
Tel: 020 7783 1458

Ray – I want to see a Labour Mayor of London. Boris Johnson has conducted himself in a predictably clownish fashion, and I hope to see him voted out at the next election.

But I do NOT want to see a return to the days of Ken Livingstone and his Socialist Action clique.

I don’t want to see the graft, the sectarian politics, the cultivating of Jamaat-e-Islami and Muslim Brotherhood front organisations, the vicious personal attacks on genuine liberals and progressives like Peter Tatchell. The championing of Chavez. The promoting of the Cuban monarchy.

This, in no small part, is why Labour lost the Mayoral election last time round. Why bring back the very people who were the architects of Labour’s failure?

I talk to people in Labour. I understand that the Socialist Action clique has embedded deep within the London Labour Party. I know how demoralised many genuine Labour people are at the antics of these cuckoos.

But if Labour doesn’t stand up to the Trotskyite entryists now, how can we hope to pull our party together in the future?