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The Government Has Completely Dropped The Ball on Hizb ut Tahrir

Hizb ut Tahrir is a totalitarian political movement, which seeks to create a sectarian divide between Muslim and non-Muslims in the West and elsewhere, and aims to train a cadre of vanguardists, with which it will overthrown the government of Muslim majority-nations, in order to impose a brutal theocratic dictatorship, which will then impose apartheid on women and non-Muslims, while executing gays and Muslim religious dissenters.

In the United Kingdom, they were first brought to prominence by a former Socialist Workers’ Party activist and Holocaust denier, Farid Kassim, and by the jihadi ‘Sheikh’, Omar Bakri Mohammed.

Now, you’d think that a social democratic government would have a problem with funding such a movement.

But, no. Apparently not.

The Centre for Social Cohesion has the disturbing news:

Haringey Council has announced today that it has resumed funding to the Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation (ISF), a registered educational charity with links to HT. Funding was suspended in October this year following revelations by the CSC and Sunday Telegraph that it received over £113,000 in government grants for its schools in Haringey and Slough in 2007/08. The Haringey Council investigation claimed to have found no evidence of ‘inappropriate influence’ at the ISF school in North London.

Who knows why Ed Balls has allowed this to happen. Andrew Gilligan has his own explanation:

It is my strong suspicion that Labour-controlled Haringey is desperately trying to cover the back of its ultimate political master, the Schools Secretary, Ed Balls, who dropped a massive clanger a couple of weeks ago by backing the schools after they were attacked by David Cameron.

I don’t buy that. I think it more likely that Haringey is being useless. It may even be advised by ‘specialists’ who are sympathetic to Hizb ut Tahrir, which – like its trotskyite predecessor movement – practices entryism. However, the buck stops with Ed Balls, and now it is time for him to take action. Gilligan continues:

But though Balls may have been stupid, he didn’t have this document in front of him when he gave the schools the all-clear. Haringey Council did. That makes them, in my view, complicit in delivering impressionable young children into the hands of fundamentalists – with a handy Government subsidy to help them on their way.

Here are two documents that Ed Balls should be reading this weekend.

The first is the curriculum of the ISF Schools – signed off by OFSTED in 2005. The second is the article on education policy written in Khilafah, a Hizb ut Tahrir publication, by one of the three trustees who run the school, Farah Ahmed who is the headteacher of the Slough ISF School.

He should note also that, until very recently, one of the other trustees  was Yusra Hamilton, was not only another member of HT, but the wife of HT “Media Representative” Taji Mustapha.

Read these documents. If you know the first thing about Hizb ut Tahrir, it will be clear to you that this school is designed to induct children into Hizb ut Tahrir politics. Here are a few examples, highlighted by the Centre for Social Cohesion:

SF Curriculum

The ruling system in Islam is called Khilafah.
Islam has defined a ruling system with 4 principles:
1. Sovereignty to Allah;
2. Authority to the Ummah [unity of Muslims];
3. There must be one Khalifah [Caliph];
4. The Khalifah has the right to adopt laws and rules from Islam.
[ISF curriculum p.31]

HT’s draft constitution

The ruling system is founded upon four principles. They are:
a. Sovereignty belongs to the Shar’iyah [Islamic law], and not to the people;
b. Authority belongs to the Ummah;
c. The appointment of one Khalifah is an obligation upon all Muslims;
d. Only the Khalifah has the right to adopt the Ahkam Shar’iyah [Islamic edicts]. Therefore, he enacts the constitution and laws.
[‘A Draft Constitution of the Islamic State’, The Islamic State, Hizb ut-Tahrir, p.243. This is also mirrored in ‘The Ruling System of Islam’ (Nizam ul-Hukm fi’l Islam), by Taqiuddin an-Nabhani, p. 43]

Here is the curriculum on the subject of jihad, set beside HuT’s teachings on the subject:

Jihad – ‘a form of worship’

Nine and ten year olds are taught that Jihad is a form of worship that all Muslims should follow. The curriculum states:

• Da’wa [proselytising] and jihad fisabeelillah [fighting in the path of Allah] are also Ibadah [worship]
• The Ahkaam [rules] of Da’wa
• The Ahkaam and limits of jihad as taught by the classical scholars. (It is important to clearly define the situations in which jihad is permitted and those where it is not.
• Muslims are accountable if they do not follow these rules
[ISF curriculum, p.30]

An article in HT’s monthly magazine states:

It has been agreed upon by the classical scholars that the Shari’ah meaning of Jihad is to fight and kill the kuffar.
[Sidik Aucbur ‘The true meaning of Islam’, Khilafah magazine, May 2003, pp.17-18, p.18]

While interpretations of physical and spiritual Jihad are varied, HT defines (and sanctions) Jihad as warfare:

They [the West and ‘weak’ Muslims] contradicted the reality of jihad, for jihad is a war against anyone who stands in the face of the Islamic Da’wah whether he is an aggressor or not. In other words it is the removal of any obstacle standing in the face of the Da’wah…
[Taqiuddin an-Nabhani, Concepts of Hizb ut-Tahrir (Mafahim Hizb ut-Tahrir) (London: Al-Khilafah Publications, 1953) p.10]

The front cover of HT’s book, Jihad: and the Foreign Policy of the Khilafah State, states:

The Khilafah State is the method by which the whole world is addressed through da’wah and Jihad.
[Jihad: and the Foreign Policy of the Khilafah State, Hizb ut-Tahrir]

Themina Ahmed, author of the ISF history curriculum, has previously written:

The world will, insha-Allah (God willing), witness the death of the criminal capitalist nation of America and all other (infidel) states when the army of jihad is unleashed upon them.

Here is the ISF Curriculum and HuT on the subject of democracy:

Islam vs. Democracy

Seven and eight year olds are taught:

• Islam is a Deen [faith], contrast briefly to other belief systems where human beings make rules
• Briefly introduce the concept of democracy
• Our rules and laws come from Allah (swt)
[ISF curriculum, p. 25]

HT have issued a book, Democracy is a system of Kufr: It is forbidden to adopt, implement or call for it, which defines democracy as:

[A] system whose source is human beings and it has no connection to divine revelation or religion.
[Democracy is a system of Kufr, Hizb ut-Tahrir, p.5]

Elsewhere HT states:

For Muslims to adopt democracy means to disbelieve in all – may Allah forbid – the decisive evidences and conclusive evidences, […] which oblige then to follow Allah and reject any other law.

[The American Campaign to Suppress Islam, Hizb ut-Tahrir, p.11]

There’s more. Read it for yourself.

Also read the ISF Trustee’s article on Education and Identity, in which she argues as follows:

She criticises the curriculum’s “systematic indoctrination” of Muslim children “to build ‘model British citizens’” and to “integrate all individuals into the fabric of secular society and develop them as personalities who uphold the values adopted by the society around them.”

“Naturally,” she says, “such a system [secular capitalism] will not be suitable to the needs of Muslim students as the aqeedah [belief system] of the Muslim is in complete contradiction to this.”

She decries “attempts to integrate Muslim children” into British society as an effort “to produce new generations that reject Islam.”

This is beyond a joke. That such an establishment should be funded from the public purse, beggars belief.

Ed Balls should be reading these documents, and calling in experts – who are not supporters or members of Hizb ut Tahrir – to advise him on how to proceed.

I cannot imagine why Ed Balls is not treating this issue as a matter of the utmost seriousness. Does he think he has done all he needs to do, by demonstrating that Cameron cocked up by suggesting that the money for this school came from an anti-extremism fund? Does he believe that the removal of one of the two acknowledged HuT members on the panel, and the scheduling of the occasional visit to churches, has ‘solved’ the problem? Is he refusing to act, because he is afraid of being accused of Muslim-bashing? What greater betrayal could there be of British Muslims than funding the indoctrination of children with this fascist ideology?

How would Ed Balls act, if it turned out that Nick Griffin’s wife and another BNP member was running an Aryan Identity School, along with a bunch of BNP sympathisers. Imagine that they had a curriculum in which they encouraged children to think about the coming Race War, and to build a political system in which only white people could vote, and even then, only in accordance with the principles of the White Race, as determined by  – and even the BNP doesn’t go for this! – Odinist priests. Imagine that there was a scandal, following which one of the trustees resigned, the school took a day trip to the Notting Hill Carnival, and an inspection declared everything hunky dory.

Because that’s basically what has happened here.

This must be the week that Ed Balls acts, and ensures that all funding to the ISF Schools ceases.

The Government must also review, as a matter of urgency, the charitable status of institutions connected with this vicious totalitarian political movement.