This is a guest post from the Young Jewish Political Network


This Thursday, the BNP will have their first ever appearance on Question Time.

To show your opposition to the BNP, the YJPN would like to invite you to join a mass movement of Twitterers by saying NO TO THE BNP AND ITS POLICIES!

BNPPROTWEST will be tweeting the best reasons why the BNP don’t stand for our Britain on Thursday all day.

What do you need to do to join the YJPN Twitter Protest?

Joining Twitter is very simple. A standard sign up process is well signposted when you join via twitter.com. From there, you can choose to follow other users and post your own comments. The YJPN will be posting from BNPPROTWEST. You can find us using the ‘find people’ button.

Once you have found us we ask that you copy our opening message:

Join the @BNPPROTWEST say #NOTOTHEBNP and explain why they dont stand for our Britain – take action this thursday see:www.hopenothate.org.uk

A ‘hashtag (#)’ as above, is a signpost for a subject. You will see if you use the hash, that you can click on the words that follow it.

Doing so, will take you through to a list of all of the ‘tweets’
(messages) about this campaign.

If you have yet to master how to use Twitter then you can also send us your messages via email at info[at]yjpn.co.uk or send us a text on
07977 476 769. We will then make sure that your comments are put up on the YJPN Twitter Protest.

Join the mass movement by telling others about this campaign so that they too can show their opposition to the BNP and what it stands for.