Turkish TV

After years of good relations between Israel and Turkey, times are changing:

Israel’s foreign minister has ordered Turkey’s ambassador to be summoned over a Turkish TV series that portrays Israeli soldiers killing children.

Avigdor Lieberman said the programme, broadcast on Turkey’s state television, incited hatred against the country.

In one clip screened on Israeli news channels, an Israeli soldier takes aim at a smiling young girl and kills her.
Another clip from the series – which tells the story of a Palestinian family – reportedly shows a bullet fired by an Israeli soldier travelling in slow motion towards a Palestinian child.

You can catch footage of the TV series in the following clip. The 1 minute 56 seconds point will take you to one first incident referred to above.

The programme is aired on a state-sponsored TV channel. If Turkey was a truely European country it would be airing documentaries about the guilt they feel about the atrocities of their own past, not inventing atrocities caused by others.