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Prophets of Paranoia

Oh boy! A ‘Cumoonidee’ podcast, aka “Dialect radio – Bristol Broadband Co-operative” has a 10 minute insert in its programme in which 9/11 Troofer lunatic Tony Gosling interviews Doctor Muhammad “Dancing Cows” Naseem, chair of the Birminham Mosque, chief financial contributor to the RESPECT war chest, and Shadow Home Secretary for the Islamic Party of Britain (Remember them? They’re the ones who want to bring back the death penalty for homosexuality).

The item, cross promoted on sites like Indymedia is entitled:

“The dangers of being a Muslim moderate”

One can only guess at what the intentions behind that statement are. Is the suggestion that Muslims should embrace extremism as a sort of self-defence – kinda like the excuse kids give for carrying knives and joining gangs? It does seem that increasingly the rhetoric from these quarters involves spreading the poisonous lie that Muslims are under attack bother from their fellow citizens and from The State itself.

Fortunately, the programme is not the chilling Goebelesque call to arms it might have been. We were spared this by “journalist” Gosling’s inept and incompetent mumbling interview technique (perhaps “technique” is too grand a word) and Dr Naseem’s own self-indulgent, paranoid rambling about MI5 replacing all the pimentos in his olive jar with tracking devices or something like that… truly baffling stuff, which you can listen to here.

Now, you might ask why I’m suggesting you listen to the mad ramblings of a paranoid delusional egged on by the chief nutjob of them all. Well, the answer is simple: These are the people we’re allbeing asked to listen to as authentic articulators of the grievances of “the Muslim community”. But quite clearly, they’re not representative at all. They’re just mad. It’s time we stopped listening. Perhaps then we’d hear other voices.

Though, average Muslims, like any other people who don’t believe there’s a global conspiracy or that even the milkman works for MI5 and that the police pick Muslim households out of the phonebook to raid on slow nights, generally don’t have too much to say. They tend to just get on with their lives.

Perhaps this ‘dialogue’ thing is overrated.