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Calvin Tucker Interview With Ken Livingstone

There’s an interview with Ken Livingstone by Calvin Tucker over at 21st Century Socialism and Socialist Unity.

Jim Monaghan in the comments provides a helpful summary:

Tucker – Isn’t it true Ken that nothing is your fault and that you are great?

Ken – Yes, sadly lies in the Evening Standard meant that Londoners couldn’t see that.

Tucker – Can I put to you that (enter any example of something Ken is already known to believe) is the case.

Ken: That’s exactly what I have been saying.

Tucker – Now can we introduce some of our enemies to the interview with some thinly veiled question.

Ken: Yes, Nick Cohen’s a bastard.

Don’t miss part 4 when Ken will explain how he ended the war in Northern Ireland by being misunderstood by discovering what group of protestants were better than the other lot.