Sudan: furthering the UN’s Millennium Goals

Eric Reeves in The New Republic writes about the Group of 77 (the non-aligned nations at the UN, which actually has 130 members) choice for their chair next year: Sudan. Yes, that’s the same Sudan whose government has been perpetrating a campaign of genocide in Darfur for more than five years, and whose president, Omar al-Bashir is likely to be indicted for genocide by the International Criminal Court.

Eric writes:

Certainly the evidence of genocide, as gathered and reported by the world’s most distinguished human rights organizations, is overwhelming and serves to indict President Omar al-Bashir, Vice President Ali Osman Taha (who represented Sudan at the U.N. last month and carried the Darfur portfolio through 2005), Defense Minister Abdelrahim Hussein (Interior Minister during the most violent phase of the genocide), Salah “Gosh” (head of the regime’s ruthlessly efficient security apparatus), and senior presidential adviser Nafi’e Ali Nafi’e (who currently holds the Darfur portfolio). It is a regime of brutal génocidaires, and yet now it carries primary responsibility for advancing the collective economic interests of 130 member states as well as increasing the organization’s negotiating capacity at the U.N.

Meanwhile preparations continue for the forthcoming hate fest of the 2001 Durban Review Conference, planned for next year.