The Left,  Trots

Street Fighting Man

Over on the SWP blog Leninology “Roobin” has set out his plans for the coming revolution, in an article with the catchy title, “The just-about-Gramscian theory of successful rioting“.

Here’s what the vanguard of the proletariat will be up to:

The good news is, given preparation (the opportunity for which, of course, is normally denied), the average citizen can match a police officer blow for blow. A police officer has access to hand arms, in particular clubs, but the ordinary citizen can get and/or easily improvise these. The same is true of body armour and self-defence. The police have roadblocks, the people barricades. The police can use sturdy, powerful vehicles, so can the public. The police can use tools such as water cannons to disperse a crowd but a resourceful crowd can use similar devices to reverse effect. The police can use small firearms. Even in Britain it is not impossible for a member of the public to get hold of some. Any weapons won from the police in battle can immediately be used against them.

In reality, of course, the SWP cadre will wet themselves and then run off home for their tea.

(Hat tip: Andy Newman)