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Stop the War Coalition Excludes Galloway From Rally

What would a Stop the War Coalition demonstration be without George Galloway?

Well, the handful who will turn up to the Rally on the 15 March are going to find out.

According to “felix” on the Socialist Unity website:

George Galloway incidentally seems not to have been invited to speak at the Stop the War Demo on 15th March despite being the best known and most highly regarded anti-war MP (by those who still inhabit the real world) and a vice-president of the Stop the War Coalition. Just how could this evident oversight have happened?

The renegade SWP-er and Galloway bag carrier, Kevin Ovenden replies:

I’m afraid it’s true that George Galloway has not been invited to speak on Saturday.

jj is clearly well into to Rees spin machine, however. This line about George dropping out of the Stop the War Coalition has been sent round SWP cadre. Another lie. He’s not the only MP who has been subbed, incidently. Others are voicing concerns. I think there’ll be developments.


Phew! Andy Newman rides to the rescue. George Galloway has just been invited to speak:

However, neither George nor his office had been contacted to advise him until this morning after I raised the issue, nor to arrange a time for him to speak.

Why not put him on with John Rees?