The great Iraqi insurgency

The BBC is carrying a report about two bombs exploding in busy Baghdad animal markets have killed at least 64 people. According to the report the devices were attached to “two mentally disabled women, and were detonated remotely”.

Is this some new dispicable low? Is the great Al Qaeda going around and rounding up the mentally ill and strapping bombs to them?

Iraqi security forces spokesman Brig Qassem Ata al-Moussawi told the BBC: “The operation was carried out by two booby-trapped mentally disabled women. [The bombs] were detonated remotely.

“Forensic and bomb squad experts as well as the people and traders of Al-Shorja area of the carpet market have confirmed that the woman who was blown-up there today was often in the area and was mentally disabled…

“In the New Baghdad area the shop owners and customers of the pet market confirmed that the woman who was blown-up there was mentally disabled as well.”

There is plenty more of this today from Reuters, The Times, The Washington Post and the New York Times as more details emerge about the bombers who it is claimed had Down Syndrome.

Gene adds: This isn’t the first time the “resistance” has done such a thing.