Z Word

Z Word, a website devoted to examining the conflict in the Middle East as it relates to issues of Zionism, anti-Zionism and antisemitism worldwide, has gone online. It is an editorially independent project of the American Jewish Committee.

z word.JPG

According to Z Word’s mission statement:

In recent years the public debate on issues relating to Zionism has become increasingly toxic. In too many universities, parliaments, elite policy forums, media outlets and religious conclaves, the complexity of the conflict is reduced to a single dimension. Z Word’s purpose is to reclaim and refine that debate.

Our goal is not to carry on a safe conversation between those who passionately agree, but rather to engage seriously those who ascribe to any well-considered and unbigoted position on the subject matter. We will, however, not be a vehicle for those on the right or the left in a political match for which Z Word’s issues are merely a tool.

Our own point of view is clear: we reject the tendency to explain the entire Middle East region through the narrow prism of the Israeli-Palestinian (or Israeli-Arab) conflict. We reject the dogma which says Israel can do no right (or no wrong). Mostly, we insist that the debate be detailed and intelligent. It will be a difficult, enlightening, impassioned, enraging, and – we hope – transforming process.

The site features a blog that includes my post about disturbing signs of official antisemitism in Venezuela.

Z Word promises to be an excellent resource for those of us with an interest in these matters. Check it out.