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Galloway Appealing

This is a guest post by tim

George Galloway has apparently sent out the following letter to “organisations” in London.

Has anyone received one?

Appeal for a broad-based progressive slate for the London Assembly list.
This is the open letter sent by Respect MP George Galloway to organisations in London:

Politics in London is hotting up as we approach the London Assembly elections in May. Yet there is a danger that there will be no credible list on the progressive left of New Labour. Such an alternative is urgently needed.

The problems are clear enough. London is one of the wealthiest cities in the world, yet it has some of the worst poverty. Brokers in the city get vast bonuses whist millions exist below the poverty official level in sub-standard housing and on low wages.

Labour no longer provides any kind of representation for the trade unions or for oppressed sections of society, or for ethnic minorities. It has swallowed the neoliberal agenda and is imposing a wage freeze on the unions which will cut living standards. Its immigration policy is no different to that of the Tories. Their policies on health and education are little different either.

There is a crisis of representation for trade unionist, ethnic minorities, those in poverty and on low wages, those facing racism and other forms of discrimination, sex or gender. What is needed is a broad-based slate in May which will speak for these sections of society.

In the broadest terms, I believe the slate needs to be based on opposition to privatisation. It needs to be anti-racist, and opposed to discrimination of all kinds. It needs to campaign for publicly owned transport, for decent wages and pensions and for cheap and affordable housing. It needs to defend comprehensive education, the NHS and the environment.

Respect Renewal is making a broad appeal for this kind of slate for the London Assembly elections (but not for the Mayor). We are appealing to all those in the unions and in campaigns to support such a slate. We have no preconditions as to the name or to its precise platform – all that can be the subject of discussions with those who are prepared to participate in it.

If you are prepared to do so please add your name .

George Galloway MP

I dont live in London, so I can’t add my name. Does anyone have any suggestions for the “precise platform” to help out George?

Perhaps the person heading the list should commit themselves to work full time for the GLA?